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As a fleet manager, fuel retailer, or convenience store owner, bulk fuel is a primary cost, with a significant impact on profitability. By ignoring the possibility of inaccurate fuel invoices, purchasing managers are putting their margins, and potentially their businesses at risk. Even more, there is a significant cost in resolving disputed invoice charges. Also, if a fuel supplier doesn’t invoice fuel excise taxes correctly, auditors can discover unpaid tax liabilities years later, and require payment of accumulated taxes along with penalties and interest.

Invoicing Challenges

Similar to suppliers, fuel buyers experience a great amount of complexity when it comes to reconciling fuel invoices such as complex fuel tax regulations and invoicing processes as well as errors in fuel tax calculation due to:

  • Multiple Fuel Tax Changes
  • Delivery Diversions Across Differing Tax Jurisdictions
  • Constant Fuel Price Volatility
  • Complexity of Alternative Fuels

This same complexity causes buyers to exercise little oversight and simply pay invoices without understanding the risks involved. The result often occurs in:

  • Increased Fuel Costs
  • Rising Operational Costs
  • Increased Tax Risk

The Avalara Solution

Avalara AvaTax Excise understands fuel taxes and handles the complexity of tax changes, assisting in reconciling the fuel taxes on every invoice you receive. With AvaTax Excise, you can ensure that the taxes on your invoices are correct. AvaTax Excise:

  • Handles the determination and calculation of taxes for bulk fuel invoices
  • Connects directly to your back-office system’s pricing process
  • Improves customer service and audit support
  • Provides comprehensive tax reporting and tax transparency

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