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No ethical bulk fuel supplier would purposely generate inaccurate invoices. But it really doesn’t matter whether it’s intentional or not – erroneous invoices can incur the wrath of everyone from your customers to a multitude of government agencies.

Invoicing Challenges

Indirect tax discrepancies are a major source of problems for generating accurate invoices. There are federal, state, county, and city taxes of multiple types, including sales, excise, and environmental taxes. Each product type, including gas, diesel, and various blends, has a unique tax treatment in each jurisdiction. Taxes will also vary based on the origin and destination locations, the transaction type, and whether buyers and sellers are licensed distributors. Any misunderstanding of these rules or rates will cause indirect tax errors, as will any error in capturing the correct fuel volume or price. Other factors include:

  • Multiple Fuel Tax Changes
  • Delivery Diversions Across Differing Tax Jurisdictions
  • Constant Fuel Price Volatility
  • Complexity of Alternative Fuels

The Avalara Solution

Avalara AvaTax Excise understands fuel taxes and handles the complexity of tax changes, making sure that every invoice you generate is accurate. AvaTax Excise:

  • Handles the determination and calculation of taxes for bulk fuel invoices
  • Connects directly to your back-office system’s pricing process
  • Improves customer service and audit support
  • Provides comprehensive tax reporting and tax transparency

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