About Avalara Fuel Invoicing

Avalara is the proven leader in fuel invoice accuracy

Avalara is the proven leader in fuel tax calculation for fuel invoice accuracy. Avalara AvaTax Excuse automates the process of identifying and calculating tax for financial transactions involving motor fuels, petroleum products, and natural gas can be complex and difficult to maintain in-house.

Avalara’s Tax Automation for Fuel solutions provide comprehensive support for all major U.S. jurisdictions and for hundreds of companies from small single-jurisdiction filers to the largest oil companies processing millions of monthly transactions. Over the past 14 years, both fuel industry tax professionals and tax authorities have come to trust Avalara to calculate and file taxes reliably and accurately.

Industries We Serve

  • Distributors / Carriers
  • Energy Traders
  • Fleet Operators
  • Fuel Refiners
  • Fuel Suppliers
  • Retailers / C-Store / Grocers
  • State Revenue Departments
  • Terminal Operators
  • Transporters / Pipelines

Products Covered by Avalara Solutions

  • Aviation Fuel
  • Chemicals
  • Diesel
  • Ethanol / Bio-fuels
  • Gasoline
  • LNG / CNG / Propane
  • Lubricants

Taxes/Reports Filed by Avalara Solutions

  • Environmental Taxes and Fees
  • Excise Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Terminal Operator Reports
  • Underground Storage Tank Taxes and Fees

What Our Clients Say

"The number of jurisdictions and information required will continue to grow unabated. Having a partner provide always current and complete requirements is essential and well worth the cost."

-IT Vice President
Medium Enterprise Transportation Services Company

TVID: 153-E1A-2EE[1]

"Avalara has a great impact on our exposure for audits. When we send them to Avalara we expect them to be there when needed."

-Line of Business Manager
Global 500 Energy & Utilities Company

TVID: F5C-4A6-4E1[1]

1 Source: TechValidate